Making the Case for MPLS Network Services

Whether you run a small, medium-sized, or enterprise organization, IT investments must be justified. This is true of virtually any investment from replacing an aging server to building global MPLS backbones. The powers that be need to know what the proposed technology is and does at a high level, and more importantly, how the technology benefits the company. When making the case for managed network services, you will need to address other concerns as well. For example, senior managers may worry about security and risks associated with outsourcing, or “out-tasking” as some like to call managed network services. Below are a few tips for making the case for managed network services.

No matter which type of managed network services solution you are considering, chances are you will need to make a business case for it. By identifying the problem the solution solves and focusing on the benefits, you will be well on your way toward justifying the solution.