Open Iscsi San And Network Disaster Recovery

For enterprise level businesses network disaster recover has always be a topic that was discussed and implemented on their networks. Now open iSCSI SAN has opened up disaster recovery for small and medium sized businesses. As the disaster recovery industry grows and technologies like open iSCSI SAN are created the market expands to fit all price points both high and low.

The Disaster Recovery Industry

The disaster recovery industry never became more prevalent than it was on Sept. 11, 2001. With entire networks destroyed and billions of dollars of data lost, discussions began all around the world for network disaster recovery for businesses of all sizes not just enterprise level companies. The years that followed 2001 included several natural disasters, continued terror attacks and threats, and large power outages. In 2004, according to an InfoWorld study, disaster recovery and data protection topped the list of factors driving storage spending. This rise in the demand for disaster recovery tools, caused a rise in disaster recovery research and development. The peak of the research and development brought about the first truly open iSCSI SAN storage tool.

Open iSCSI SAN Storage

Open iSCSI SAN Storage is a system based on iSCSI technology which allows the network to quickly and efficiently store and replicate data anywhere on the network. The reason why open iSCSI SAN is such a breakthrough is that by being open it can work with any preexisting network. Open iSCSI SAN works with both fibre channel and IP based networks to protect data and recover it when a disaster occurs.

How Does Open iSCSI SAN work?

Open iSCSI SAN works by placing one or more open iSCSI SAN applications on the network. Once installed the open iSCSI SAN hardware begins replicating data and spreading copies evenly over the network. Open iSCSI SAN technology is intelligent so that it will replicate data in as many places as possible without taxing the network. It can also maintain network security, so if secure data is replicated only the intended uses can access that specific data even it appears at locations when other users maybe located, only the intended user will control the access.

Who Uses Open iSCSI SAN

A recent study by Storage Magazine showed 45% of their readers either have implemented or are planning to implement open iSCSI SAN applications. According to the Enterprise Strategy Group, there are over 2000 production open iSCSI SAN applications in use today.

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